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Self Sabotage Elimination and Confidence Growth Bootcamp
Guild of Growth

Self Sabotage Elimination and Confidence Growth Bootcamp

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In this 6 week mentorship program, you will work through all the reasons causing your crushed self-esteem. Many times, we don't even realize that our self sabotage comes from past experiences and issues that prevent us reach our full potential. 

How would you feel if your confidence was over the roof and your insecurities were not in the way of your happiness and your success?

During the self sabotage elimination and confidence growth bootcamp, we will work on:

-Identifying the aspects of your life most affected by low self esteem and lack of confidence
-Creating a solid strategy to eliminate negative self beliefs once and for all
-Past traumas
-Emotional triggers 
-Negative feedback loops
-Perception of self worth

After the bootcamp, you will gain:

-Control over your emotions and your triggers
-An objective understanding of other people's action (without being triggered)
-Increased confidence and self esteem
-The ability to shape professional and personal relationships with confidence 

The customized work that will be done 1-on-1 will completely transform the way you build relationships with the other sex and other important people in your life. We help you discover your self so you can discover how can you become happier, more balanced and confident. The result will be better choices, better relationships, a better life!
+Weekly 1-1.5hr Zoom sessions to guide you through the transformational process that will completely change your decision making skills and the way you view your business.
+Weekly update on your strategy moving forward through your self realization journey.
+Follow up emails containing extensive information and resources needed to achieve the business goals of the following week. 
+Unlimited support via emails throughout the whole duration of the mentorship.

We'll provide you with the tools that you need in order to gain a brand new, bullet proof perspective on relationship building, your personal boundaries and how to let happiness into your life excluding disappointment. 
You deserve the best, and we are here to help you get it. Game on! 

Not sure if this mentorship is for you? Book a 30 min FREE strategy call HERE!