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The Guild of Growth 5-week mentorship - Guild of Growth
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The Guild of Growth 8-week mentorship

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This is it. Your personalized 1-on-1 coaching with Dr. Elena Seranova that took her first business from 0 to 6 figures in 18 months and co-founded a biotech start-up. The program runs for 8 weeks, including sessions on business strategy, resources for transformational work and reading, metrics for your business and self-evaluation. 

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-Not knowing where to focus on to finally start making money
-Your confidence and self esteem issues
-Being caught up in negative feedback loop of failure and inaction
-Undercharging and working for pennies

+The most efficient strategies to skyrocket your business growth
+How to establish permanent distribution channels to finally get more eyeballs on your products (spoiler alert: most of them will be free!)
+Business principles
+Mindsets of success 
+How to remove subconscious blocks
+The most efficient ways to start charging your customers more

+A solid strategy to find your ideal customers (not just BS that never works)
+The perfect product market fit that will catapult your success and boost your organic sales - optimization of your products/services
+A proven road to scale up your existing or side business
+A brand new mindset, a tremendous growth in confidence, a self love boost
+Tools and resources to build solid foundations for your business and your inner piece.
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+5-8 Zoom sessions to guide you through the transformational process that will completely change your decision making skills and the way you view your business.
+Weekly update on your business strategy and background research presented to you on the call.
+Follow up emails containing extensive information and resources needed to achieve the business goals of the following week. 
+Unlimited support via emails throughout the whole duration of the mentorship.


WEEK 1: TRANSFORMATION TRAJECTORY. Our first session will have to do with self-evaluation. Where do you stand now and where do you want to go. This is where things get interesting as we'll define what is your current trajectory with existing resources, knowledge and effort. And how to uplevel it the way your wildest dreams will come true. This will have to do with your earnings, the pros and cons of your business and your own strengths and weaknesses. Consider the first week of the Guild of Growth (GoG) mentorship as your personal Business Plan. Only that it's actually your customized GoG Action Plan! You'll never be unsure about what your next business steps should be: the GoG Action Plan will define the next 6 months of your business moves. This is the point of no return. As an entrepreneur, the only way forward will be to start generating revenue

WEEKS 2-4: THE MINDSET OF SUCCESS. We'll get rid of limiting beliefs regarding your worth, money and confidence. We will clearly define your business and financial goals for the weeks to come. You'll break the negative feedback loop of failure and inaction. You'll finally stop undercharging and working for pennies.

WEEK 5: ENTREPRENEURSHIP PRINCIPLES. There are so many things I learned along my entrepreneurial journey. I wish someone could have told me where to focus my attention on. Lucky you, this is your week 3 content. We'll identify a way for you to prioritize high ROI (return on investment) tasks that will be responsible for the majority of your business growth. You'll also learn about the greatest customer discovery and market research strategies, and practical tools that will make your life 10x easier. 

WEEKS 6-7: THE METRICS THAT MATTER. No more bullshit tips from people that have no clue on how to run an actual business. We will concentrate on metrics that will work for your business and then optimize the hell out of them. Recurring customers, customer acquisition costs, content consumption, active distribution channels, brand ambassadors and more. Every business is unique and after defining our business strategy, we will implement the evidence-based approach to solidify and grow your business. 

WEEK 8: TIME MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS AUTOMATION. Every business and individual have their own bottlenecks. We will identify the weak links and automate them so you don't have to spend anymore of your precious time on admin tasks you hate. This way, you'll concentrate on the things you love about yourself and your business.

Grab your chance to completely transform your life with this decision making and business strategy mentorship program now!


Wondering if this mentorship is for you? Book a 30 min FREE strategy call HERE!