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The Entrepreneurship 101 mentorship - Guild of Growth
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The Entrepreneurship 101 mentorship

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You are ready to finally start making money online! You are probably in lockdown anyway, trying to figure out how to start creating your online income streams. There is so much info online though, it's hard to pinpoint which posts are genuine and informative.

Look no further! The Guild of Growth starter pack aka Entrepreneurship 101 is the right choice for you! 2 weekly zoom sessions with Elena Seranova and a lot of key resources to kick-start your online career. As a serial entrepreneur and a PhD candidate, Elena lives by the evidence based principles of entrepreneurship, and this is what helped her take her first business from 0 to 6 figures in 18 months and to co-found her biotech start-up. 

+ Where to start with online income streams and how to develop your own business idea in the shortest time possible
+ Where to find your ideal customers to generate organic sales with no ads
+ Basic entrepreneurship principles: decision making skills for optimal time and money management when it comes to planning for success
+ Mindset of success: the abundance mentality that successful entrepreneurs apply to create and scale up multiple income streams

+ Decision making skills to be able to pivot and optimize your new business
+ Evidence based mindset to stand out from the crowd and maximize your online presence and your earnings
+ A confidence boost that will translate into more results 
+ Working on the project you love and believe in
+ An accountability partner to ensure things get done

+Weekly 1-1.5hr Zoom sessions to guide you through the transformational process that will completely change your decision making skills and the way you view your business.
+Weekly update on your business strategy and background research presented to you on the call.
+Follow up emails containing extensive information and resources needed to achieve the business goals of the following week. 
+Unlimited support via emails throughout the whole duration of the mentorship.
After the course completion, you will start or scale up your online business and will be able to start generating revenue asap. With the proven methods that you will apply, you will be able to find your ideal customers easily and get on your way to financial freedom faster than your competitors ;)

Not sure if this mentorship is for you? Book a 30 min FREE strategy call HERE!