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Scaling Up to 7 figures: The Executive Mentorship Package + Business support - Guild of Growth
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Scaling Up to 7 figures: The Executive Mentorship Package + Business support

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You are already running your small business selling great products that people love. Are you wondering how to take your business to the next level and convert your ambition to results that will take care of you and your family without drowning in admin tasks?
With every 3 employees, every company's logistics change dramatically. The internal organization and infrastructure need to keep up in order to follow through with the increased customer flow. From suppliers to distribution channels, and from affiliates to social media management, scaling up your "baby" efficiently is always challenging. 

Our executive 18 Week Mentorship Package will provide the knowledge and experience needed to effortlessly increase your earnings without sacrificing your personal life and avoiding a nervous breakdown. 

Elena Seranova and her team will provide their business experience and assistance to catapult your business into the highest league in your niche. Besides the 10 Zoom calls that include:

+ Abundance mindset 
+ Transformation trajectory
+ Time management and automation
+ Evidence based decision making skills 
+ Business negotiation mastery 


+ Audit and amplification of your social media presence, including graphic design and copywriting
+ Research and optimization of the best marketing strategies 
+ Clear targets and achievement strategy definition
+ Detailed research and analysis of customer segments to increase organic sales
+ Research and optimization of your suppliers, distribution channels and logistics
+ Optimization of product market fit
+ A business plan (20 pages) and suggestions for approaching potential investors (optional if looking for investment)
+ Research on non-dilutive funding available in your country (optional, US and EU only)
There has never been a better time to scale up your business. Maximize your freedom and design your success. You can start today!
+10 1-1.5hr Zoom sessions to guide you through the transformational process that will completely change your decision making skills and the way you view your business.
+Weekly update on your business strategy and background research presented to you on the call.
+Follow up emails containing extensive information and resources needed to achieve the business goals of the following week. 
+Unlimited support via emails throughout the whole duration of the mentorship.

Not sure if this mentorship is for you? Book a 30 min FREE strategy call HERE!