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Catapult Your Business into Success
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Catapult Your Business into Success

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Do you know what are the next steps you should take for your small business to take off?

You have a great concept in mind, perhaps you already registered your business, but you’re not sure what the next steps should be. Your budget is limited too, so maybe you can’t really afford a multi-week mentorship program.

The “Catapult Your Business into Success” session lasts abound 1 hour and 15 minutes and will clarify your business strategy moving forward. What are the 20% of tasks that will bring the 80% of results?

The aim of this session is to prioritise where the precious resources of your new business should be allocated and how your budget and time would be spent more efficiently. Elena Seranova, MSc, the serial entrepreneur, biotech start-up co-founder and PhD candidate will assist you in a 1:1 call with your business strategy optimisation focusing on the steps that should be followed in order to hone the most efficient strategy for your intelligent market research at minimal to no cost. Next, you will clearly define the product optimisation that needs to take place after you’ve discovered your customer archetype.

Finally, from the results of the questionnaire you’ve filled in before the session, Elena will help you with implementing the most cost efficient way to attract a significantly increased amount of the right customers that would of course lead to increased revenue.

Think of this session as kickstarting your business’ potential.
If you’re unsure about the next steps of your business that would save you time and money, and make your business profitable as soon as possible, this is the clarity session that will help you stop going in circles and wasting time on things that don’t generate any results.