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Remote Work Tips From A Seasoned Remote Worker

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In this post by one of our guest bloggers, Rachel Charboneau, we touch on how to efficiently transition from office environment to working from home. Rachel's tips are straight to the point and can help you maintain your sanity while staying at home all day! 


Many people are transitioning from working in an office full time to turning their homes into their new workspace. This can be quite a big adjustment but there are definitely ways to make it more seamless and feel more natural. I've been working remotely for almost 4 years now and these staples have made a world of difference in my productivity and daily routine.


Be comfortable - I've noticed that a lot of people on social media are recommending to get ready and dress up for work as normal but I actually recommend the opposite. Yes, keep brushing your teeth, washing your face, doing your morning routine, etc. but DONT be uncomfortable in your own space. 


I wear yoga pants most days and a nice top when I’m on client calls (with a t shirt or sweatshirt on deck for afterwards). I personally accomplish a lot more when I am dressed comfortably. Also, your home work space SHOULD feel different than your office space. You want your home to remain your place of comfort even while you have to use it for work during this period.


Take walks OUTSIDE - Give yourself 15 min walk breaks after you accomplish each major task or meeting on your schedule. This will clear your head, fuel your creativity, and change your scenery to focus better when you get back. I can't tell you how many times I was in a rut trying to come up with a solution or content and I took a walk and the answer came almost immediately. Fresh air is medicine for the brain - feed it!


Don’t forget to eat - I strictly eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same times and it makes a WORLD of difference in my energy throughout the day. I also keep pecans, almonds, and sunflower seeds on my desk for snacks when I get hungry while working. 


In an office, we are more regulated to do these things. At home, you have to remind yourself to stop and take the breaks that you need. If I don't do this, I can sit at my desk for ten hours straight and have zero energy. Food = energy. 


Stand frequently - if there is a work task you can do while standing up - DO IT! Your body was not made to sit for 10 hours straight. It’s the worst thing you can do for your body! If I am brainstorming or trying to come up with strategy, I literally walk around the room and hold my notebook and pen in hand. Movement stimulates my creativity…and statistically, everyone else's too! Give it a try!


HYDRATE - You may think drinking tons of water is unnecessary since you’re just sitting buuuuut WRONG it’s actually MORE important so your body can flush out toxins and make you get up more to go to the bathroom (lol). Water encourages movement internally and externally! It makes up to 60% of the adult human body. I'd say it's pretty vital! 


Meditate before you start working - I do a 5-10 min. guided meditation everyday before I start my day and it always clears my head and gets me focused. My days have been a LOT more productive since I began meditating the beginning of last year. Your mind needs a reset and some tender loving care as well. Don’t ignore it! Visualize the day you want to have and how productive you want it to be. This really makes a world of difference! 


Make virtual meetings FUN - I love using the virtual background on Zoom and making client meetings as fun and personable as possible. Set agendas to be organized but remember that humans are on the other side of all of it. Genuinely ask how people are doing, share a funny story, put a funny background for the call that you know they would appreciate!


Set Boundaries - Lastly, make sure you set healthy boundaries and only work within your designated hours! It's very easy to get hung up on a project while working from home and sit at your computer for hours and hours on end. Don't let your work life balance go down the toilet. Be present with your loved ones and take the time you need to unwind. Working from home does not equal EXTRA work from home. Be responsible with your time and take care of yourself! Heck, finish your work early and enjoy MORE time with your family. 


I hope these tips are useful in your new workspace. 


Reminder: You are valuable and your mental health in the midst of navigating quarantine and this new normal, matters!

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    Thank you for your insightful words and suggestions. Very helpful!!

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