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Book recommendations to make you happier through self-improvement

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Since lots of people are asking for book recommendations, I decided to put a together a list of books that somehow had an influence on me and I would highly recommend them. All books below will help you sharpen your mindset and one way or another will contribute to your self development. Personally, when I learn a new skill or improve my mindset, it triggers a positive feedback loop, I feel like I deserve to achieve more and to be loved more. This makes me more efficient and creates positive results! I hope you enjoy my list and that it will somehow inspire you!
Productivity: "Atomic habits" by James Clear. Not only it will help you amplify your good habits, it will also give you the formula to eradicate the bad ones. Useful to literally everyone on the planet. Will increase your productivity very fast.
Self-care: "Why we sleep" by Matthew Walker. When I started reading this, I wasn't expecting it to be so captivating. It will teach you the origins of sleep along with a bunch of fascinating facts about animal and human brain. It will also make you realize the necessity of getting a full 8 hours of sleep, by subsequently making you more productive and creative. 
History: "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari. You might be familiar with some facts in this book. But the way the facts about human origin, evolution and civilization growth are put together is absolutely brilliant. Although a history book, it will enhance your understanding of social constructs and human psychology. 
Inspiration: "Elon Musk" about Elon Musk. It makes you reconsider your own limits. People see different things in Elon. What I saw was an enormous amount of selflessness that came from the complete surrender of ego to his vision, and the desire to make an impact.  To leave humanity better than he found it.
Business: "The 4 steps to epiphany" by Steve Blank. Every entrepreneur needs to read this book. You can expedite the growth business process so much by just reading it. You can save yourself an infinite amount of time and money. 
Negotiations/Business: "Never split the difference: negotiate as if your life depends on it" by Christopher Voss. An ex-FBI hostage negotiator will teach you how to get he best deal out of every negotiation. Either in a professional or a personal setting. 
Philosophy/Mindset: "12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos" by Jordan Peterson. A book young adults should deffinitely consider. Principles that will cause subtle yet essential changes in your life and mindset.
Hope you enjoyed my recommendations, drop yours below! 

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