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Before doing anything in your business, consider this

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This post is from one of our guest contributors ans she is taking a spiritual approach in business, which is quite a different perspective I personally liked a lot and I hope you'll enjoy it too!

Your business is a beautiful fusion of both energetics and the practical.

The energetics are your why, your vision, and your unique soul expression, aka gifts.The practical are the ways in which you show up: online and in your community, but this also includes your schedule and your offerings.You probably love the energetics and I’m willing to bet that sometimes the doing in your business just feels like doing for the sake of being productive.

 But seeing these two principles (energetics & practical) as separate is holding you back from the results you are seeking (clients, more time, freedom, more money), and not integrating these together is keeping you in opposition as to why you started our business in the first place.

 There are actually a lot of energetic things you can do that are also practical, so you feel like you are doing something. Yet it has such a bigger impact than just doing for the sake of doing.

 So what does that look like?

 Here are a few examples:

 ⁃ Before you write a post, say a prayer and ask to be guided in your words

⁃ Before you start your work day, meditate for 10 minutes

⁃ When you get ready in the morning, say affirmations in the mirror

⁃ When you hit “send” on an email, blast it with love, good vibes and ask for it to be read by the right people

⁃ Before you hit “Go Live”, drop into your body, feel into your deepest soul expression, and ask to be guided by her.

 Playing with some of these ideas will help you integrate the energetics that you love, with practical ways to keep momentum going and see results.

woman after spiritual transformation

 Remember, it’s always about the energetics first, it’s always about your divine expression first - but if you’ve been in business for a while and you’re not seeing the results that you wish you would be experiencing already, this integration is the missing puzzle piece.

 From there, the more you can trust that you are doing enough, the less frantic your energy will be (which is required to show up consistently and inspired)

For example, if you are writing a social media post a few times a week, you send out one or two newsletters a week, and you do a live training in your Facebook group (this is currently my system that allows me to stay consistent AND inspired), you are doing enough, especially as you are fueling these activities with the energetics as explained above.

 Your path is your unique path, and comparing your journey to how much, or how little, other people are doing, is only going to keep you from your authentic expression (which is also required to come to the forefront to stay consistent and inspired).

 You are not going to find the success you’ve been wanting for a while now with frantic energy. Because that is self-sacrifice and that is NOT what I stand for (and neither should you). That’s old news.

 So what would it take for you to trust yourself? What does it mean to you, when you tell yourself right now, that you are doing enough? That you are enough?

 What comes up for you is your clue to your next step:


1. Do you feel excitement and a sense of calmness? Great!

2. Do you feel frantic because you feel you need to constantly be doing something? That’s great too, because that’s your clue that you are invited to drop deeper into your body, to bust through the resistance, and to slow down.


The women I work with often ask me what I would have them do to move the needle in their business. They are ready to take the action immediately!

 Often the answer is slowing down and taking a breather, so the feminine energy of visioning, allowing and receiving has a chance to rise up. She can’t be heard when there is constant chatter and franticness. She can’t help you heal your deep sense of self-worth when you are on constant distraction-mode.

 And She is required for consistency, inspiration, and your success.



Maggie Burrows is a business consultant, spiritual coach and feminine energy teacher. She is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs embody that less work creates more abundance. Maggie has been in the online coaching industry for over 5 years, and helps her clients dream big, create success on their own terms, without hustle, stress or complicated strategies


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