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Are you controlling your business and life, or is your life and business controlling you?

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A lesson on the importance of learning to face your challenges, take control of your mindset, aligning personal beliefs and values to build your life, and grow your business authentically.  An article by Else Johnson from

I didn't plan on becoming an entrepreneur.  It happened slowly. I had a traditional corporate career with a financial background.  At first, I ran the business operation for a talented decorative painter; then, she asked me to assist with projects that involved furniture lay-out, soft home furnishing, and color selections.  Slowly it evolved into me sewing window treatments, pillows, bedding, upholstery, and providing interior design services. I loved sewing, and I had a talent for design.  

I started taking courses to educate myself on the technical side of this business, and before I knew it, I had been in business for several years.  There was no grand plan from the start; I just loved what I did. However, I started to suffer personally and realized I was paying the price for not letting my beliefs and values guide my business and align the company mission with the vision I had for my entire life.

The business had started running me and not the other way around. I was always stressed and felt I didn't measure up to others and their success.  I sacrificed my personal life, repeatedly feeling guilty that I didn't do enough, and felt like I was running on a giant hamster wheel. 

My passion for all the things I loved about the business was quickly disappearing.  Of course, I had goals and dreams on how to grow the company, but they often derailed because I got sidetracked by in-the-moment opportunities or urgent, unplanned events.  Most importantly, I forgot that I was the BOSS, not just for the business but also for my life, and I had the responsibility to change what wasn't working. As they say, I was working in the business, not on the business.

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I realized the only way things were going to change was if I changed my approach to life and business – my mindset had to change.  

So, I set out to change my thinking and, in the process, found my passion.   I became a certified life coach, and I'm now helping other entrepreneurs feeling that they too can be emotionally strong and worthy so that they fearlessly can build the life and business they want.  

My transformation started by getting honest with myself and admit that I was struggling.  I worked hard to identify what limiting beliefs I was holding on to that blocked me from trusting myself and showing the world the real me.  I worked on creating the boundaries that allowed me to enjoy what I was doing and felt in control of my time and slowly took charge of my life.  I also realized that our circumstances constantly change. We need to readjust, but with the tools and techniques I learned (and now teach my clients), I now feel confident that I can be the master of my domain no matter what's ahead.  

The three most important lessons I learned:

1 It starts with you!

In life and business, it's so easy to get caught up in comparisons with others.  We want what they have and can quickly feel that we don't measure up. We forget to value what we uniquely have to offer.  We often forget what we want our lives to be and to create a framework that supports our beliefs and values.   

So how do you start with you?  Take some time to reflect on what you value most in life, why you are doing what you are doing, and what success means to you. Once you have a clearer picture, start making the changes necessary to align your actions with your vision.

  1. You can't change other people's behavior; you can only change how you relate!

It's so easy to point fingers and blame everybody else for our unhappiness, our parents, our competition, the guy who cut you off in traffic.  In reality, we have no control over what they do. However, we can start taking responsibility for doing what we can to improve our circumstances.  

You are a grown-up now so whatever your parents said or did is in the past - you no longer have to live by their rule or judgments. Your competitors are not you, so do your very best to deliver on your promises and service your customer as only you can; send the guy in traffic prayers of peace and happiness and don't let him ruin your day.

  1. Define your terms!

We often get upset with others because they don't behave in the way we want.  However, if we don't communicate our boundaries, we are just hoping they are mind readers.  Are you getting burnt out because your clients regularly demand that you respond immediately to their inquiries?  Maybe it's because you didn't provide specific guidelines when they hired you or didn't follow the procedures you had in place, so they came to expected you to be available 24/7? If the people around expect you to drop everything and be available when they need you, is it because you never prioritized your own time?

Once you have discovered what's important to you, and how you relate to the world around you, it becomes easier to decide what activities support your dream.  It also becomes easier to honor your boundaries and focus on the actions that will move you towards a more fulfilled and happier personal and professional life.  

Elsa Johnson mentorship Guild of Growth Elena Seranova

I know you might think this is common sense, but believe me, common sense is unfortunately not common practice.  

If you are like so many others, telling everybody that you're "Fine" when in reality, you feel trapped, stressed, unmotivated, lost, ashamed, anxious, or sad, I invite you to take a closer look.  Maybe your business is controlling your life, and it's for time for a change.

I'll leave you with this thought.  I never realized that life didn't have to be so hard until I accepted that it was my responsibility to change.  I still have challenges, and my life isn't always picture-perfect, but I love everything about it and can't wait to see what's next.   

So, if you know something has to change, let's connect for a discovery call and explore how you can set your transformation in motion and take control of your life.   

About Me:

The breakthrough in my entrepreneurial journey started with a thought – "It doesn't have to be this way!" I realized that sustainable success in business and life is directly related to how well a business owner manages her mindset. I also realized that my passion was to empower other women to find the courage to live the life they desired and on their terms. So I started coaching and I work with highly driven, creative female entrepreneurs on increasing self-worth, self-confidence and vision so she can confidently grow her business and live life on her terms.

To get in touch or learn more:øgaard-johnson/in/-15228211/

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