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5 things you need to know about blogging

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One of our guest bloggers Leah, wrote a comprehensive "how to" guide for anyone that wants to start and grow their own blog! With our lives transitioning online in 2020, this post will give you essential tips so you can gain more views and get your blog off the ground! 

Leah is The Confidence Coach + host of the Candid Confidence podcast. She teaches digital entrepreneurs how to ditch self-doubt and overthinking so they can grow their business. 


So, you want to start a blog! Now what?!

Throughout my online business journey, it seems like every single week I learn a hack or trick that I can't BELIEVE it took me this long to learn.

Things that used to take me hours now take minutes. Systems I've created from scratch, I later find, could have been purchased for $39.

And it seems like everyone I work with who is in online business feels the same way!

So here I am finally sharing with you the resources I wish I had on day 1.


Period. None of this bullcrap.

Okay, that's dramatic..but you know what I mean!

Girl...invest the $50ish and GET A DOMAIN NAME! Okay, I hear you - you want to try this out for a little and see how it goes before putting any money into it. But hear me out.

Do You Need Online Business Coaching?

You need skin in the game. Investing into your blog will help hold you accountable to sticking it out. Because you can't seriously think you'll be running a successful blog and making money without ANY investment into it, right?

Also - right now - you need to decide that this blog will be successful. The minute you'll find success is the minute you start believing that. #trust

People won't be able to find you or take you seriously if you don't own your domain name. Come on.

I use Bluehost!


Pinterest is where I get 99% of my blog traffic. Yes, google searches once you are established. Yes, social media drives some people in. But Pinterest?? Pinterest takes the entire cake.

I figured this out pretty quickly when I first started my blog. So, I created a Pinterest account. Then, I tried to figure it out myself for an entire YEAR before finally caving and purchasing a $39 Pinterest course I knew about from Day 1.

Don't waste all that damn time, girl. A lot of online business owners go the route of hiring someone to build or run their Pinterest account. I think if you're starting out, you can easily build + grow a great following without hiring anyone with just this online course.

#1 Pinterest Course! Pinterest With Ell

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Tailwind is actually the real reason why I get 99% of my traffic from Pinterest. This is an online service that automatically pins your pins to Pinterest ALL day long. This saves a TON of time.

There are also Tailwind Tribes, where you trade off sharing pins with other pinners. This leads to your posts being exposed to their potentially massive audiences. This is HUGE.

For $10.00 a month, you can get a LOT of blog traffic. Necessary if you want your blog to be found, which you do. Because it's going to be a success...remember?



Okay, okay, I know. Instagram is where it's at. It's where we get to have the most fun, look the most cute, and share our daily Almondmilk Honey Flat White Latte.

But Facebook has a very special component. You can share your posts directly to your wall, AND to Facebook groups. This is MASSIVE.

Join Facebook groups. Not only is it a great place to learn from and collaborate with other bloggers, but it's a way to share your posts as well. Yay!


Girl, you've got to believe in yourself.

I promise you that when you've made the decision to follow certain people, buy from them, look up to them as a mentor, or find yourself drawn to them and not know why...

It's 99% due to their confidence.

Confidence is your belief in yourself. People can sense this, smell this, pick up on this from your pictures, your speech, your written words.

Tune In To The Candid Confidence Podcast!

And it is ABSOLUTELY necessary if you want to be successful at anything. This is where most people get tripped up. They never quite believe in themselves enough to take their blog or online business seriously. They are never quite "ready" to invest in programs that will assist them in achieving success.

Start working on your mindset right away. It can only make you happier, healthier, less stressed, and more successful, right? So it literally cannot hurt.

In the beginning, I was SO nervous to hit that post button. And then, I was terrified to share the post on Facebook. I found myself holding back so much. And it wasn't until I got past that and started truly being myself, that I really resonated with people.

I hope these tips + resources help you save a TON of time and make this so much easier for you than it was for me.


Article by Leah Pardee, The Confidence Coach, 

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