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You will learn: 
+ Business principles
+ Mindsets of success 
+ How to remove subconscious blocks

You will gain:
+ A solid strategy to find your ideal customers
+ The perfect product market fit that will catapult your success and boost your organic sales 

Remember this really cool job position interview that ended up being a failure? Or that amazing freelance 5 figure deal that just slipped away because someone else was more confident, more prepared, more ready to seize the day than you? 

Well.... What if I told you that you can now have access to years of experience, and instead of painfully and slowly discovering yourself what works and what not, you can just join the Guild of Growth mentorship scheme today. Hack your way to success and learn from someone who has the results and knowledge that you need. 

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Who will help you reach your goals, transform your life and become the confident, financially free, best version of your self?

Elena Seranova mentorship

Elena Seranova, MSc

Our business strategy and decision making mentorship is taught by Elena Seranova, BSc in Psychology, MSc Neuroscience, PhD candidate and serial entrepreneur. When she was 22, she grew her first business from 0 to 6 figures in 18 months and her wellness center eventually grew into 2 branches that were operating for 5 years. Next, Elena co-founded SkyLab Bio, a UK based biotech start-up offering biochemical assays as a service, where she was responsible for business development and company growth. She is now dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs bootstrap their success by implementing a rock solid business strategy, utilizing her knowledge of business development and start-up principles to grow the small businesses and start-ups of her clients. Elena is eager to assist her clients in finding their unique selling proposition, understand their customer's archetype and increase revenue. 

Let Me Save You 10 Years of Your Life.

I know this sounds dramatic.

But I’m blown away by how many people ignore this.

I’m sure that you have desires that you would like to fulfill...

But you don't know where to start, how to gain the confidence you need to take action or where to find a role model to follow.

You do want to become successful. You do want to go through a transformational journey. But there is no one around to help you out. No one to facilitate the change, hold you accountable to your self-imposed deadlines.

Perhaps you want to ride this whole “ Online money making ” wave and obtain personal freedom i.e. financial freedom, location freedom and time freedom.

Maybe you already have a side hustle but you are working for pennies, undercharging and feeling exhausted from all the mental, emotional and financial stress creeping in. I know how this feels because I've been there.

Doubtlessly you want to travel the world, buy nice things, support yourself ,stress not about rentals/bills.This is achievable from merely using nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection.

But between self pitty facebook groups, vagina-shaped flower posts on instagram and super expensive and useless courses from "business coaches" that never actually owned a business, it's really hard to find a reliable place to start. To get the resources, guidance and accountability that can help you finally break financially free and live your best life. 

Working on your own terms anytime you want and doing what you love…

I want to tell you something I wish someone had told me many years ago.

This is the number one secret that successful people apply in every area of their lives.

If you know this, you will have an incredible advantage over others, and in many ways, be able to “shortcut” your way to success.

While everyone else struggles.


Fails over and over.

And eventually, quits.

You’ll be on the fast-track to increasing your results, even while doing less work than others.

So, what I want to tell you is this:

"Success is not created, it is emulated."

That’s right.

Behind every successful person there’s another successful person.

Famous athletes have coaches and idols that helped to make them successful.

Behind every millionaire was another millionaire who showed him the way.

A clever individual who wants to be successful in a specific field should first search for mentors who will provide guidance.

So if you have a goal that you want to achieve, you can try to achieve it by endless trial and error…

Or you can hack your way to success and learn from someone who has the results or knowledge that you need.

Most people try to do things by themselves.But always remember 

”A single leaf working alone provides no shade.”

Lone wolves invest tremendous amounts of effort, time, money and energy in order to improve their results while staying stuck and frustrated.

They are demolishing their chances of success.

But you are not one of these people. You are reading this because you have a desire to win ,transform your life and attain greatness.

After running multiple businesses and currently being at the end of her PhD journey, Elena's vision is to empower and teach other women so they could also advance their business, multiply their income streams and create a positive feedback loop between their daily results/accomplishments and the motivational dopamine kicks they need to keep taking action every day!

Self Care and Self Love

Fitness and Health

Wealth Creation and Business Strategy

Mindset of Success and Confidence Growth

You will get exclusive content that will guide you step by step and show you how to transform your life in every area.

There’s no need to struggle anymore. 

Together, we'll take a holistic approach to first create a solid foundation for your transformational journey. 

Entrepreneurship 101 is to actually take care of your self first. Remove subconscious trauma, self-sabotage, integrate a novel mindset into your belief system.

After that, we'll dive into your business foundations, create your personalized, rock solid business strategy and pave the way to 6 figures. How do I know that my business approach is efficient? 

Because I've done it before. And it worked. At the end of the month that I started my business, I didn't make enough to pay my office rent. My mom told me "I'll pay your rent this month but that's the last time I'll do so. You have a month to figure out how to pay the next one."

I started by printing black and white brochures on my printer and going literally door to door to pitch my services. At the end of the month, I was very proud that I managed to pay my rent. 

6 months later, I had a 2 weeks' waiting list for an appointment. At 18 months, the business hit 6 figures. It's even easier to sell a service online because there is an abundance of potential customers out there. If you have a product or service that solves a particular problem for your ideal customer, this is it. 

And how would you recognize which product or service to build? Well that's why I'm here. 

Together we'll go through all the necessary steps to identify the best customer segments that resonate with your brand + product, we will optimize the existing product/service not according to what you think, but according to what your customers WANT. 

Then, we will ensure you focus on the correct strategy to generate efficient distribution channels, recurrent customers and abundance of sales.

This is it. Your decision making and business strategy mentorship can start today.

Say goodbye to being stuck and frustrated.


Q: Wait, so I can actually have Elena as my mentor for 5 weeks?

A: You got it right. The Guild of Growth mentorship scheme will give you the opportunity to be having weekly calls with Elena, daily updates and all the resources you need to accelerate your self development and business growth. 

Q: What does the Guild of Growth mentorship include?

A: The mentorship scheme will teach you how to firstly take care of yourself, and then your business. Specifically:
WEEK 1: TRANSFORMATION TRAJECTORY. Our first session will have to do with self-evaluation. Where do you stand now and where do you want to go. This is where things get interesting as we'll define what is your current trajectory with existing resources, knowledge and effort. And how to uplevel it the way your wildest dreams will come true. 

WEEK 2: THE MINDSET OF SUCCESS. We'll get rid of limiting beliefs regarding your worth, money and confidence. We will clearly define your business and financial goals for the weeks to come. You'll break the negative feedback loop of failure and inaction. You'll finally stop undercharging and working for pennies. 

WEEK 3: ENTREPRENEURSHIP PRINCIPLES 101. There are so many things I learned along my entrepreneurial journey. I wish someone could have told me where to focus my attention on. Lucky you, this is your week 3 content. We'll identify a way for you to prioritize high ROI (return on investment) tasks that will be responsible for the majority of your business growth.You'll also learn about the greatest customer discovery and market research strategies, and practical tools that will make your life 10x easier. 

WEEK 4: THE METRICS THAT MATTER. No more bullshit tips from people that have no clue on how to run an actual business. We will concentrate on metrics that will work for your business and then optimize the hell out of them. Recurring customers, customer acquisition costs, content consumption, active distribution channels, brand ambassadors and more. Every business is unique and after defining our business strategy, we will implement the evidence-based approach to solidify and grow your business. 

WEEK 5: TIME MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS AUTOMATION. Every business and individual have their own bottlenecks. We will identify the weak links and automate them so you don't have to spend anymore of your precious time on admin tasks you hate. This way, you'll concentrate on the things you love about yourself and your business.

That's the curriculum of our main program. For other mentorship schemes focused on particular subjects such as confidence growth and online business strategies, please visit our products page.

Q: Will the principles I'll learn be applicable only to business?

A: NO! The mindset of success and the evidence based principles you'll learn are applicable to all areas of your life. They are transferable skills that you can take advantage of in different setting of your life. This decision making training will make you think differently, prioritise people and situations differently, self evaluate differently. The ROI on this? Priceless, as you transform yourself and your life to what other women dream of! A confident, financially free, fierce entrepreneur is waiting for you on the other side of the Guild of Growth mentorship. She/He is in you. You just need to unlock your full potential and manifest your destiny with your actions!

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