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Starting out a business is like assembling a puzzle. One that someone else bought for you and brought in a bag so you don't know what the final picture looks like. You need to figure out the different sections and how to identify them. At first, dopamine snacks are not that often. You are just trying not to quit because the task looks huge.

As you go, some things just "click". You realize there are more subsections than you previously thought. The frequency of dopamine rewards increases, and so does your interest. With business dopamine rewards are linked directly to sales.

You reach a critical point after which you start getting multiple breakthroughs because you now have studied the system sufficiently. Dopamine rewards intensify. You feel like the game is finally easy. You are now in charge of the puzzle/business and not the other way around.

The Guild of Growth decision making and business strategy mentorship assists you in growing your idea into a profitable business. We optimize your business strategy so you don't have to waste time and money on your business with little to no results. We help ambitious entrepreneurs iterate, grow and scale. Whether you're just starting up or have been in operation for up to 4 years, the proven methodology of Guild of Growth will help you define where your business needs to focus on the most in order to take off. 

If you are reading this, chances are that you are an entrepreneur that struggles to increase their sales. There might be several reasons behind this, including the absence of permanently established funnels and distribution channels, an unclear follow up strategy with your leads. Moreover, new entrepreneurs struggle with prioritising and decision making when there are millions of tasks they need to address. So time and money management in an efficient way can really make or brake a new company. Get coached by a serial entrepreneur with 7 years of business running experience that will make your WHY stand out in your niche, by showing you the HOW.

Elena Seranova, Business Strategy


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What our clients say

"I never thought a business coach could change my life. I thought I knew it all, I’ve read all the self-help books, implemented countless new habits, routines, and techniques but I wasn’t getting anywhere with them. Then I met Elena and took that leap of faith & started working with her. My gosh has my life changed! I started seeing that I could really do this and implemented new ways to find clients and grow my business from tried and true techniques Elena used to grow her businesses. Each day I grow closer and closer to reaching my dreams and that’s because of Elena helped me see that it is possible! Not only do I have more confidence in my business but I have more confidence in myself and who I am becoming by learning that to grow a business you have to work on yourself too and make sure that your priorities, needs, and happiness are in check and just as important. I am on track for 2020 to be my year and making my side hustle my actual hustle, all thanks to Elena!" Emily, USA

"Elena is both knowledgeable and helpful for budding entrepreneurs who want to learn how to find more clients. She is willing to walk you through the step by step process of growing your business and creating a following. She was incredibly personable and a pleasure to work with. I really enjoyed our time together and the conversations we had about my life and business goals." Ashley, USA

"I was going in circles with my business for a year, before I hired Elena as my business coach. Within 8 weeks, I realized where should I be focusing on to produce real results. My mindset blocks were gone, my confidence skyrocketed, and my online business finally had it's first profitable month. Elena helped me aggressively position my brand in my niche, and increase my market share dramatically, in a very competitive market. Without the Guild of Growth mentorship, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you!" George, UK